Ashland Company Store History

Ashland Company Store was originally built in the early 1900’s adjacent to the present building. In 1943 the original company store caught fire and burned and was then moved directly across the street to what is now the Ashland Company Store. The company store had everything that the coal miners and their families could need or want including fresh produce, foods, clothing, toys, tools, and even dynamite. Not only did the store house necessities, locals say that it doubled as a social hall and an inn at one point where they would gather to visit and play cards with one another. In 1965 the Ashland Company Store was leased to Pocahontas Coal Company, being one of several stores that a consortium of coal companies operated.

The present-day store is a glimpse into coal mining history as the building was well preserved and still has all the original structuring and most of its original interior design. Complete with a designed painted tin ceiling, two original walk in freezers, and three walk in safes, the building is home to many stories of coal mining’s past.